Full Contoured Zirconia, (FCZ) has increased in popularity over the past few years for first and second molar replacement. 

This product is strong, white, affordable and metal free. Recent improvements to better enhance the esthetics of FCZ restorations have contributed to an increased demand for this restoration by dentists and their patients.

However, it can be very confusing these days for a dentist wanting to order a FCZ. So many different manufacturers market their own brands, which are then re-branded by even more dental laboratories, resulting in varying price ranges, adding to the confusion.

It is important for you to send your work to a laboratory that you trust.

Digital technology software and equipment has become more accessible to dental laboratories wanting to control their own quality. As laboratory owners and leaders in the dental digital technology revolution we have made the conscious decision to choose quality over minimal cost savings, thereby eliminating the risk of our dental clients receiving an inferior product manufactured from potentially suspect materials.

Don’t be fooled by a good warranty

The Cost of Poor Quality

COPQ , or “cost of rework” can cost you on average seven times the original cost.

Cost of rework includes and is not limited to:

  1. Cost of extra material used
  2. Cost of extra utilities
  3. Cost of labor
  4. Cost of lost opportunity
  5. Loss of sales/revenue (profit margin)
  6. Potential loss of market share
  7. Lower service level to customers/consumers

When researching a laboratory partner that owns their own Zirconia system, ensure they purchase materials from a reputable company.

Zirconia restorations require an appropriate strength for milling to avoid chipping, with advanced ceramic technology research. There also needs to be a balance of the right amount of Esthetic Translucency with High Flexural Strength, allowing the material to undergo different sintering and baking cycles.