Dentistry has gone digital and Allure Dental Studio is at the forefront of this change. Save time, see more patients.


Why digital?

You get a more accurate fit when you use digital impressions, and that means fewer remakes.

You don't have to worry about distortion or margin inaccuracy issues in digital impressions like you do with traditional impressions, and that enables the lab to consistently create a crown with an accurate fit. If there are any problems with the scan, the doctor will see it immediately and make any necessary adjustments before sending the scan to Allure Dental Studio.

Digital impressions are more comfortable for the patient.

Nobody likes to have "goop" in their mouth, and digital impressions eliminate that discomfort for the patient. It also shortens prep time and turn-around time. If you choose the all-digital workflow, your patient can have their new crown much sooner than with conventional impressions.

a digital workflow gives you a competitive advantage.

Whether you're just interested in digital impressions or want to try a model-less workflow when it makes sense for a case, your patients will benefit from the superior experience that comes with using an inter-oral scanner.

the digital, model-less workflow cuts down turnaround time.

Typically, two weeks are required for a lab to complete a crown once they receive the impression from the dentist. Working without a model cuts that time to 24-48 hours. If you're using traditional impressions, it is typically 48-72 hours before the lab technician is able to look at the case.


Clinical Results

High quality digital impressions assure accuracy for a high quality restorative fit

HD photos, instant preparation and impression validation

Reduced adjustment and grinding during seating

Easy Impression Taking

Powder-free scanning options

No impression materials and mess

Never retake an impression

Efficiency & Business Benefits

Faster impression taking, instant shade measurement, and reduced chair time

Save materials and shipping costs

Possibility to reduce costs with model-free crowns

Interactive online community

Better Experience

Less chair-time with no discomfort caused by impression materials

Extra comfortable scanning

Increased Satisfaction

Highly accurate restoration fit and minimal grinding

High quality clinical results

More Convenience

Reduce number or appointments due to fewer retakes

Patient Benefits

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