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Allure Dental Studio provides innovative solutions for all your implant indications by offering comprehensive resources for specific implant needs with a complete line of expanded digital services.


Prosthetic Options

CAD/CAM Abutments - More info

Allure Dental Studio offers Titanium, Zirconia, and Zirconia/Titanium hybrid CAD/CAM abutments to fit the rigorous cosmetic and functional needs of the oral environment. We are proud to meet the highest requirements of esthetics, tissue support for the overall success of your case.

Fixed-Removable - More Info

Allure Dental Studio has created an online portal based on its experience manufacturing thousands of full arch cases. This information is designed to give you and your practice the resources to restore with confidence, and to provide your patients with the best treatment options possible. Implant Source is a top to bottom program that incorporates comprehensive courses at no cost to our customers.

Screw Retained

Screw Retained is a common type of temporary restoration for cases which tend to lack enough vertical clearance. It is also a good choice for Dentists who do not want to spend time cleaning cement from, or risk the chance of leaving cement in the sulcus. It is essential that the implant be placed correctly so as not to interfere with the access hole for the screw, thereby maintaining the esthetic and function of the case.

Screwmentable - Today's most popular screw retained solution. 
UCLA - Versatile, but prone to poor fit and screw-loosening.
Ti-Base - Versatile, but prone to de-bonding.

Single Stage

Offered by most companies, Single Stage is an easy technique for Dentists getting started restoring implants. However, it is not always the best choice for your patients' needs and can have drawbacks due to lack of tissue support and incorrect anatomical profile.


Our implant specialists are able to refine and sculpt stock abutments with the utilization of powerful microscopes. We take great pride in using the latest carbides and diamonds to subtract the appropriate amount of Titanium or Zirconia material to create the best abutment possible. Even though every stock abutment is created equal before modification, our product is further refined and customized once completed to best serve the case.


Fixed removable

Hybrid  |  Opal Z SR Full Arch™  |  RE Bourke™  |  Lock’n’Release™  |  Integrated Bar™  |  Diamart™





For more information, please visit the Implant Source.



A great restoration if you want to control the soft tissue and sulcus. You will be able to semi-customize the abutment once fabricated by the laboratory by etching and adding composite to appropriate areas. This is a preferred technique to control and maintain papilla in the anterior region.

Over Temporary Abutment

This is another popular type of restoration, but is more labor intensive, as you will need to clean the cement thoroughly from around the restoration and from the sulcus.