If you would like to ship us a case today, but do not have a shipping label, call us at (877) 325-5873 and we will be happy to fax you one and schedule the pickup.

New Doctor Kit

Call (877) 325-5873 or fill out our form to request a Welcome Package, including prescriptions, boxes, and preprinted shipping labels.

how to ship

Place the prescription, models, and bites in the box and cover with foam. If you send more than one case at a time, pease put each case in a separate bag; you may put more than one case in each box you are shipping. If you send three or more unites per box, shipping will be waived.

Close the box securely, peel and place the UPS or FedEx return label provided. There is no need to write any information on the label; your case will ship directly to us on the next business day. We recommend you keep record of every tracking number for future reference.

Call us at (877) 325-5873 to schedule a pick-up at your office. If you already have a pick-up scheduled or get a delivery from FedEx or UPS, simply give your box to the driver.