Allure Dental Studio provides innovative solutions to help dentists distinguish their practice from their competition.


We offer three all-ceramic options to choose from: 
Opal-Z, Empress, and e.max.

With millions of restorations successfully fabricated over the last 20 years, the restorative material choice for all our cosmetic cases are sure to meet or exceed expectations.




all ceramic

Our porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) is top quality, and expertly fabricated by our master ceramists.

All restorations feature advanced multiple layering techniques, made exclusively with Noritake EX3 ceramic, that recreate natural esthetics.

Selective laser Melting

PFM & Full Gold

Allure Dental Studio provides innovative solutions for all your Implant indications by offering comprehensive resources for specific implant needs with a complete line of expanded digital services.

Complete Implant Options



PMMA CAD Temporary

Innovative pre-shaded Multi-layer PMMA discs are made of an acrylic resin material, which can be used for temporary crowns and bridges. Our multicolored PMMA discs incorporate three blended layers of chroma, opacity, and translucency together, giving our restoration a truly natural look. Smooth color transitions and high flexural strength makes the Multicolored PMMA a must-have product for your CAD/CAM lab.


Ivocap Dentures

Fixed Removable



Hader Bars

Partial Dentures

Mouth Guards

Night Guards