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We work closely with over seventy Surgical Specialists, and hundreds of Prosthodontists and Restorative Dentists in Northern California. We have helped restore thousands of patients with needs similar to yours.

Based on your zip code, we will refer you to the top specialists in your area who will evaluate and help you with your dental needs. All the Doctors that we work with have private practices and focus on taking care of their patients' present and future restorative requirements.

Experience wise, with over 50 years of combined laboratory and prothetic expertise, it shows – when Allure is treatment planning, they can’t be beat.

Dr. Casey K. Shimane, D.D.S.

The next step in dentistry

If you have lost or are about to lose all of your teeth, traditional dentures are not the best solution. Dentures and partial dentures can, at times, be painful, inconvenient, and unstable, which can lead to further complications with the mouth and jaw.

Dentures are bulky, which makes chewing food difficult, leading many people to experience complications with digestion, causing them to stop eating many of the foods they once enjoyed. The chewing capacity of a person with natural teeth is 100%, but with an upper denture it drops dramatically to 30%, and a lower denture will drop an additional 20%, leaving you with only 10% of their natural capacity.

An upper denture also covers your palate, blocking many taste buds, preventing your from fully experiencing your favorite meal.

Dentures are often unstable due to the lack of retention, and at times can create some uncomfortable moments. They are not aesthetically pleasing, and often cause wearers to look older than they actually are.

Modern dentistry has created a solution to resolve this issue: the fixed-removable treatment concept.

A fixed-removable restoration provides patients with a chewing capacity in excess of 90% of their natural chewing capacity.

An efficient treatment option

The fixed-removable treatment concept replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by only four dental implants. With fewer implants needed, the overall treatment, healing time, and cost is substantially reduced. The unique fixed-removable solution also ensures greater stability in the bone, reducing the need for bone graft surgery, which can be painful, requires a much longer healing period, and can be more costly.

Our team of experts can place temporary provisional teeth on the same day of surgery so you are never without teeth during the process.

These provisional teeth look and feel much like natural teeth and allow you to lead a normal life immediately following surgery. After just a few months of healing time, our team will deliver your final, beautiful smile in three easy and painless appointments. Your quality of life will dramatically improve and you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again.

Your smile will positively change many aspects of your life, resulting in a more confident, younger-looking, and happier you.



One location

Your doctor will be present

Cost effective solution

Scientifically documented for over 15 years

May reduce the need for bone grafting

Faster treatment and healing time

Unmatched advantages

Our team of specialists has been servicing your area for many years and plans on doing so for many more. We will be involved with you at the beginning of your treatment, during the surgery, and for many years thereafter.

The team that we have assembled for your treatment are among the best dentists in the field. Unlike large corporate dental practices, we have the liberty of choosing well established restorative dentists and specialists, which we know will deliver the best results in providing you with a beautiful new smile. 


One fee

One Location

Smart Financing

Outstanding warranty

3D Dental Imaging Technology

Established implant specialist to place your implant

On site Dental Laboratory support the day of surgery

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