We've created a series of lectures and hands-on programs to keep you up to date on the latest technology, techniques, and materials.


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Lecture Series

Advanced Protocols for ImMediate load - Fixed Removable

This lecture addresses today’s current issues and opportunities with immediate load and full function protocols for fully or partially edentulous patients. Our technique allows for a stable and predictable immediate load solution that will make your patients smile and your practice prosper. 

You will learn our protocol linking the surgeon, the general practitioner, and our laboratory, a complete and comprehensive approach to full arch conversions with a special focus on patient identification, case acceptance, and proven business development strategies. 


Created as a companion lecture to the Advanced Protocols for Immediate Load Lecture, the hands-on class gives each attendee the chance to familiarize themselves with all the components used during the conversion and restorative phases of a fixed removable case.


An introductory lecture that breaks down this alternative treatment option for fully or partially edentulous patients. The lecture outlines patient identification, appointment sequences, overall techniques, laboratory sequences, and the benefits of fixed removable versus screw retained.

Innovation and emerging Digital Techniques in Dentistry

By combining CBCT, Intra Oral /Scans and Digital photographs, we now have the ability to recreate the virtual patient. This allows us to diagnosis, treatment plan and deliver a higher standard of care.  Understand how Digital Dentistry allows for instant communication between all the team members.

This program will go step by step through the digital workflow from scan to laboratory fabrication. Digital model making, case design, cloud based communication will be covered in detail. This program will lead you through the complete digital workflow for today’s digital practice.