The Allure Dental Studio Digital Lecture Series is where it all begins for you and your referral doctors.


Main lecture

Listen to one of our Digital Specialists go over what is involved in integrating this technology into a practice and the benefits it has for the patient, the referral doctor, and you. Our lecturer has lectured about this subject both nationally and internationally, and is widely regarded as an expert in the field.


Innovation and emerging digital Techniques in Dentistry

By combining CBCT, Inter Oral /Scans and Digital photographs we now have the ability to recreate the virtual patient. This allows us to diagnosis, treatment plan and deliver a higher standard of care.  Understand how Digital Dentistry allows for instant communication between all the team members.

This program will go step by step through the digital workflow from scan to laboratory fabrication. Digital model making, case design, cloud based communication will be covered in detail. This program will lead you through the complete digital workflow for today’s digital practice.

  1. Increased accuracy

  2. Decreases errors

  3. Improves productivity

  4. Faster turnaround times

  5. Fewer chairside appointments

  6. greater treatment case acceptance, wow effect

  7. Saves the restorative doctor time and money and increase profitability

  8. Merge CBCT scans and Inter Oral Scans

  9. See how 3D printing can easily validate treatment plans before fabrication starts

  10. CAD design from simple crowns to complex implant cases

  11. Understand why using original components unsure long term success