If you are an Implant Specialist who has or plans to invest in Intra-Oral Scanning to grow your practice, contact us in order to fully realize the potential of this technology and your investment.

Working with allure dental studio

Lecture series

The Allure Dental Studio Digital Workflow Lecture Series is where it all begins for you and your referral doctors. Listen to one of our Digital Specialists outline techniques for integrating this technology into a practice and the benefits it has for the patient, the referral doctor, and you. Our experts have lectured on this subject both nationally and internationally, and are highly regarded in this field.

hands-on series

Witness a live demonstration of the entire intra-oral scanning process followed by a short lecture and one of two varieties of hands-on, each specialized to the doctor's specific needs. Once your referrals have experienced the hands-on course, be prepared to see a substantial increase in this kind of referral.

communication tools to get your referral doctors on a digital workflow

At Allure Dental Studio, we have recognized through our experience with implant specialists the importance of educating referral doctors on the benefits of intra-oral scanning and a digital workflow. However, doing so often requires one-on-one time that neither the implant specialist nor the referral doctor can afford. Due to this need, we have created content you can provide to your referrals to save everyone time.

personalized workflow & RX

Not all implant specialists share the same work process. Through extensive experience, we have been able to create a clear set of protocols that can be personalized to each implant specialist. Getting your team on the same workflow takes the guess-work out of each member's responsibilities, ensuring a more timely and effective execution.

Chairside training

Our certified trainer will come and train you and your team live on a 3Shape Scanner. Contact Allure Dental Studio to verify availability and schedule a training appointment.

technical support

Call our certified trainer for any technical support you may require at (877) 325-5873.


Allure Dental Studio offers an array of digital services, products, and packages utilizing only the best materials to meet your needs.


Allure Dental Studio has partnered with many top re-sellers of IOS technologies. With a 5-7 day notice, we can schedule a live demo scan in your office.

lifetime warranty

Allure Dental Studio warranties their titanium custom abutments and crowns for life when using a digital workflow.

free scan bodies

For more information on how you can take advantage of this offer, please contact us at contact@alluredentalstudio.com or call us at (877) 325-5873. 


Allure Dental Studio has created a variety of marketing templates to help you and your referral doctors drive more business.

And Much More

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