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Intra-oral scanning with allure dental studio

Why Allure Dental Studio?

When it comes to choosing the right laboratory, not all labs are created equal. Allure Dental Studio has been at the forefront of digital dentistry from the beginning. Widely recognized as leaders in digital dentistry, our team understands the workflow, software, materials and technology needed to expertly fabricate your case. The clinical experience we share is extensive, and we support the entire team from planning, scanning and final delivery. After years of digital experience our design team has evolved from traditional point and click mouse into true digital artistry by using new creative design technology. Our digital artists use state of the art Cintiq creative pen & touch display that sets a new standard in digital design giving our designers the most natural forms of creative and artistic expression in our designs.


Allure Dental Studio was founded with the idea of blending Nature, Art, and Technology. Dissatisfied with current artificial tooth libraries we created the world's first natural tooth library, from which every restoration is designed. Hundreds of extracted teeth were scanned and digitized to give us a perfect design platform from which to replicate nature. Our restorations look and function more like real teeth because they are created from real teeth.

When it comes to designing implant cases, we believe in a prosthetic driven design strategy. The design process first starts with choosing and placing a tooth that best reflects the patient’s morphology and occlusion. After the tooth has been designed, the custom abutment is then designed to work in harmony with the restoration contours. Once the design of the crown and abutment have been finalized, the last step is creating the digital model.

Models are designed to receive a special analog that accurately captures the location of the implant as it is positioned in the patient. Design parameters are set in the software that accurately ensures the crown, abutment, and model fit together. All the elements of the case have been designed in parallel, and by doing so reduces fabrication times and increases accuracy by utilizing a manufacturing strategy called file splitting. The respective files are then sent to state of the art milling and 3D printers to manufacture the crown, abutment, and model simultaneously.


At Allure Dental Studio we use parts only from the original manufacturer. Patients and doctors trust us to provide them with the best products in the industry. These days, there has been a trend among dental labs to use cheaper parts from third party manufacturers to make a higher profit margin - this often comes at the cost of quality, and this is not a cost we are willing to pay.

Chairside training

Our certified trainer will come and train you and your team live on a 3Shape Scanner. Contact Allure Dental Studio to verify availability and schedule a training appointment.

technical support

Call our certified trainer for any technical support you may require at (877) 325-5873.


Allure Dental Studio offers an array of digital services, products, and packages utilizing only the best materials to meet your needs.


Allure Dental Studio has partnered with many top re-sellers of IOS technologies. With a 5-7 day notice, we can schedule a live demo scan in your office.

lifetime warranty

Allure Dental Studio warranties their titanium custom abutments and crowns for life when using a digital workflow.

free scan bodies

For more information on how you can take advantage of this offer, please contact us at or call us at (877) 325-5873. 


Allure Dental Studio has created a variety of complimentary marketing templates to help you promote this technology to your patient.

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