If you are considering trying or purchasing an Intra Oral Scanner, we can help you.


Live demo scan

Allure Dental Studio has partnered with many top re-sellers of IOS technologies. With a 5-7 day notice, we can schedule a live demo scan in your office.

We will provide two IOS scan bodies, free of charge, from the implant manufacture of your choice to be utilized for the demo scans.

Once the scans are completed and sent to Allure Dental Studio, we will design the restoration, custom abutment, and model within 30-40 minutes of receiving the scan file.  

We will then meet online with you and your restorative doctor to review the case.

You and your doctor will be able to see and experience the entire digital workflow on the same day.  

Once the case is approved we only ask to be given the opportunity to complete the case for you.