Opal-Z restorations look and function like real teeth because they are designed from natural teeth.


Dissatisfied by artificial looking digital tooth libraries and drawing upon our extensive digital experience, we used hundreds of natural teeth to create a natural tooth library from which every Opal-Z restoration is designed.

Once sintered, our team of artisans masterfully hand finish every Opal-Z restoration. Our digital design, manufacturing experience and reasonable pricing assures your patient an excellent value.

opal-Z basic

full contoured zirconia

Surface stained and glazed restorations are then hand polished to perfection. Indications for use as a Full Gold or PFM posterior replacement for basic shades.

Opal-Z Gradational

Noritake Katana Multilayered

Features the first and only gradational Multilayered Zirconia that delivers high flexural strength with a more natural esthetic appearance. Comprised of four subtle layers of gradation from dentin to enamel, Opal-Z ML yields a more natural result for those cases requiring higher esthetics with a monolithic material. Indications for use are inlay/onlay, veneers, single crowns and bridges. Opal-Z ML restorations are hand polished with Pearl Surface diamond paste for a mirror finish.

Opal-Z Premium

All functional surfaces are kept intact, a slight reduction is made facially and Noritake CZR ceramic is then partially layered and glazed. This technique is used when a higher level esthetic is required.

OPAL-Z anterior

A Super Translucent Zirconia that offers the highest strength of 765 MPa that most closely mimics the dentin of a natural tooth. Opal-Z Anterior is best utilized for single to 3-unit anterior bridges or single unit posterior crowns. Opal-Z Anterior is an excellent economical alternative to Lithium Disilicate restorations. Opal-Z Anterior discs are made in the USA, isostatically pressed and FDA 510K cleared.

OPAL-Z 360

all ceramics digital and impression based

When the highest level of esthetics is required, CZR ceramic porcelain is masterfully layered onto an Opal-Z framework. Our expertly trained ceramists used advanced layering techniques to match any situation.