Send your digital impressions directly to Allure Dental Studio through 3Shape Communicate.


To send a file please follow these instructions:

  1. Once your scanner is installed, registered to 3Shape Communicate account, and request Allure Dental Studio to be installed on the preferred lab list. This registration process will done only once.

  2. Send a ‘Connection Request’ from the ‘Communicate’ account to Allure Dental Studio. Note: Dentists can register themselves at:

  3. Allure Dental Studio will accept your request. Allure Dental Studio is ‘TRIOS ready’ to receive Trios scans in our Trios inbox.

  4. You will complete the intra-oral scan.

  5. Send the file.

  6. Fill-out the TRIOS Rx and select Allure Dental Studio from the Lab menu

Use the free form notes section to provide additional details such as type of restorations and additional instructions. (Not all restorative materials are pre-populated on the Rx.  If you do not want a model specify in the note section of the Rx).